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Re: Fox Developing "Gotham" Young Jim Gordon Series

I'm just saying that if you make her a peer of Bruce, then it's kind of sexist to call her a "girl" while he's a "man." That sort of thing was acceptable in 1967, but it would be in bad taste today, I think. Sure, Batgirl's an adult in the comics, but it's more acceptable if she started using the name when she was a college student and then just stuck with it for the sake of recognition.

So I'm not talking about whether it can be changed, but whether that particular change is a good idea. If a character is called Batgirl, it stands to reason that she belongs to a younger generation than Batman.

And from what I'm hearing, I really doubt they'll keep Bruce as a child. In the original proposal where the focus was on Gordon and the GCPD, with Bruce's story simmering in the background, I could buy that. But these days the indications are that it'll be as much a coming-of-age story for Bruce as a story about Gordon, and that it'll culminate with Bruce becoming Batman if the show runs to completion. So there's no way they aren't going to age him up. When Smallville started, Clark was nominally 15 and was played by a 24-year-old. Most likely they'll go a similar route with Bruce.
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