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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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i imagine the opening 10-15 mins of Kirk being lost wouldve been similar in look and tone to TOS (end of the 5 year mission) and when they all come back 3 years later everything wouldve looked more Phase 2/TMP
Probably not much more so than the Kelvin scenes in ST '09 looked similar to TOS. If they had the budget for a feature film, they wouldn't have felt much obligation to conform to the look of a TV series where they had to make do with what they could. They might have opted for a similar aesthetic, but they certainly would've added greater detail and sophistication. The idea being that it had really looked like that all along but the budget hadn't been there to show it clearly before.
yes like the klingons in TMP (Im sure the general opinion from everyone was they were supposed to have looked that way all along.... until Enterprise)

i imagine theyd have retained the colour coded uniforms but jazzed them up abit (like JJ trek) and the bridge etc wouldve been similar to TOS but sleeker more realistic (any explanation couldve been the Ent had a refit or two post Turnaround Intruder) enough to make fans go 'oh THATs what it was supposed to look like!' ...but not too different from TOS as itd all need to look noticably different Phase2/TMP for when it got refitted 3 years later..

damn i really wish wed got POTT in 76...maybe itd have done more BO than TMP and even swiped some of SWs..leading to a Trek II in 78 or 79 (God Thing? JFK?) and Trek III in 80 or 81 (Wrath of Khan) maybe theyd have been 7 original crew movies
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