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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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Agreed on pretty much every point.

I made one similar point in a letter to the STC production: stop trying to connect the dots. I made a point of saying, alright you've included a couple of TNG elements now leave it at that and do things the TOS way as if the other productions never happened.
Keep writing us. We appreciate getting word back from those who watch. Remember, we are fans just like you doing this out of passion for the show. Thank you for the kind words - and the critical ones.
I'll reiterate that I loved it on so many levels, and the oberservations I have are out of a love for TOS and a great respect for what you folks are doing. And you are doing far more right than the few critiques I could make.

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Bones should be spanked for not volunteering that he could inoculate the crew. Way to blow it, Doc.
In fairness McCoy had also been exposed to Lolani's pheramones so he mightn't have been thinking too clearly himself.

I didn't much care for Kirk kneeling to make nice with Lolani. I thought that was out of character. And the more I think of it, with all due respect to the McKennah character, Uhura as the go-between with Lolani would have been more dramtically effective. In the '60s Uhura was a huge symbol of how far things could change for blacks. Seeing her reaching out to Lolani representing another race being exploited and abused would have been really poignant.
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