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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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For once, it's a fanfilm ABOUT something. Bravo to that.

Waaay better than the previous installment in just about every way. In fact, it was the only fanfilm I've been able to watch without getting bored at some point (I did roll my eyes in a few places, tho). In fact, because it's a solid drama about characters, for me it tops anything NV/Phase II has done. I'll rate it against TTI when it's finally finished.

Not totally in love with the script but I admire the message it's trying to send, even if it's heavy handed in its approach.

Agreed on pretty much every point.

I made one similar point in a letter to the STC production: stop trying to connect the dots. I made a point of saying, alright you've included a couple of TNG elements now leave it at that and do things the TOS way as if the other productions never happened.
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