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Re: How could they do theRomulanWar and make it different than theDomi

Well, technically the Romulan War (and all of Star Trek: Enterprise) is common to both timelines - things only start changing in 2233 when Nero either does or doesn't appear.

HERE is what the plan for the Romulan War was. A movie starring James T. Kirk's grandfather or great-grandfather, Tiberius Chase. Enterprise NX-01 is at Risa and misses the entire thing (which lasts a week, ignoring the old Star Trek Chronology's conjecture that it lasted 4 years). Cameos by Shran and Captain Hernandez. A tiny bit more info is HERE, detailing Romulan battle tactics.

It's a shame we didn't get to see it, but I think the movies we got instead were far superior.
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