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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

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The problem with AGT as a finale is that, while it's a belter of an episode to end the seven year run on, it's what we call an "open-ended finale". Because they knew they were going on to do movies straight afterwards, it had to be that way.

They could wrap up the show, but they could not provide closure to the show. If that makes any sense?
Yes, it does. If, say, the decision was made to make an 8th season instead of the movies, then they could have taken an entire year to provide closure for the crew. We could have seen Picard and Beverly finally get together. They could have retired and gotten married, while Riker would eventually have gotten the command of the Enterprise-D he'd always wanted for the last 7 years. He and Deanna could have gotten hitched along with the Picards. I could also see Data getting a command of his own (maybe a Starfleet Corp of Engineers ship) and taking Geordi with him as his first officer. And finally we could have seen Worf return to the Klingon homeworld as a council member or something.

Instead, we got eight collective hours of the Stewart and Spiner Show, with little to no character development for anyone else.
So the question of this thread - which for the most part has been interpreted as "Could Nemesis ever have been any good?" - might better be regarded as "Could any final TNG feature film have been considered a decent conclusion to the series of films featuring that cast?" - that is, accorded the same value that most fans give Undiscovered Country as an original-cast finale.

To which my answer is: Well, no. If the movies were going to be (contractually, in advance, as they surely were) the Stewart & Spiner Show, then any possible final TNG-cast film - including films never made, or better edits of films that were released - would have been unsatisfactory. (By contrast, Undiscovered Country was surely not the Kirk & Spock Show.)
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