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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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Hold up is that...

Wonderful work, enjoyed the whole thing.
Yes, I recognized it right off. They gussied it up a bit too much unnecessarily but it is originally a Matt Jefferies design.

I'll have to watch it again before comment, but no question it has that ClassicTrek element of being topical.

DCR wrote: View Post
I've watched it through, now to let it digest. First impressions, better structure than the first episode (teaser tied into episode). Message was a bit too heavy-handed for me, and some of the dialogue was equally so. Most performances were decent, though no one was as good as Michael Forest in the first episode.

Very good quality for a fan film, and I think they do the best of capturing the visual sense of classic Trek.

I get the sense sometimes the cast is trying just a bit too hard and need to relax. Sometimes they just nail it and other times it feels just a bit off or self-concious. There are moments Mignogna is spot on and there are others when he doesn't have Shatner's nuance and subtle swagger. He needs to loosen up just a bit more.

I think that's true of the other cast members as well. I think Haberkorn really needs to study Nimoy's body language and posture more. Nimoy was a master at standing still and moving with a sense of economy that still looked so natural.

The Counselor needs to chill some in context of the character. She seemed to get awfully familar with Kirk in a way that no one but Spock and McCoy ever would.

We'd seen it on TOS before, but again I thought security procedures were terribly lax.
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