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Re: Episode of the Week : The Enemy Within

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That's not even partially true, since the space dog was split accidentally to begin with. Its halves would have died, just like Kirk's were going to, if they hadn't tried rejoining it. The procedure would have been the same, even if it had been done after Kirk was rejoined, and the animal likely still would have died.

The charge of using animals for experiments would stick if they'd taken an initially healthy animal and split it on purpose, just to see if they could rejoin it.
So why was the dog there?
Sulu's holding the dog in the very first scene on the planet surface. Kirk says:

KIRK: That should make a good specimen.
Later on:

[Transporter room]

KIRK: What is it, Scotty?
SCOTT: Transporter breakdown. Continue circuit testing. We beamed up this animal and, well, look for yourself. It's in this specimen case. (opens lid to reveal angry pink animal)
KIRK: Yes?
SCOTT: A few seconds after they sent this one up through the transporter, that duplicate appeared. Except it's not a duplicate, it's an opposite. Two of the same animal, but different. One gentle, this. One mean and fierce, that. Some kind of savage, ferocious opposite. Captain, we don't dare send Mister Sulu and the landing party up. If this should happen to a man.
KIRK: Oh, my.
I think we can accuse them of taking animals out of their natural habitats for study back at base that they may not ever have intended to return. If there's a crime here relating to mistreating animals, it was kidnapping.
You raise your charge to kidnapping. I reduce my charge to animal testing.

They tested the solution on the animal before testing it on Kirk.

Not that I really have any problem with that
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