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Ravens are super intelligent. PBS has a Nature series episode about them worth watching.

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^ Very cool, think! Is Steve wearing his Nixie tube watch?
yes he was.. cool, I noticed that when I was there too.. said something about owning company stock and such.. the watch was made with tubes.? -it was interesting to see. I had thought it was a little strange to have tubes on the wrist where they might .. pop or break.,,
Yes, those mini Nixie tubes are pretty rugged. They were used in military equipment for many, many years until finally substituted with LED/LCD. The screw on cover is meant to help protect them from knocks so the watch looks pretty solid. Chunkier than a G-Shock though.

For a while the tubes were fairly low priced but after a surge in interest starting about 10 years ago, they've gone up quite a bit. Not many are made these days, with the bulk of them coming from Russia and former USSR republics. Desk clocks are the most popular.
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