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Re: Episode of the Week : The Enemy Within

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Inside Star Trek: The Real Story doesn't mention the assault, although it does say (on pages 243-44):

In discussions in early September, 1966, Roddenberry, Solow, and Weitzman agreed there was no artistic or financial justification to continue her very limited role in light of the show's serious budgetary problems. Strangely, Roddenberry evinced no interest in retaining his hand-picked yeoman, while Justman, opposed to "losing her," held out hope that she would return to guest star in future episodes. Roddenberry never contacted Whitney to give her the bad news. Her agent was formally advised by Desilu Business Affairs that her services were no longer required.

(Years later, there was talk of a sudden personal rift between Roddenberry that occurred just prior to her departure from the show. The rift supposedly guaranteed that she would never return to Star Trek. But she did return--in some of the Star Trek movies. And there was no appearance there of any ill will between them.)
There is, however, a memo in the UCLA archives from Roddenberry to Gene Coon (dated October 28, 1966; five weeks after Whitney was released from her contract), which suggests that Roddenberry may have wanted to bring back Whitney. It says, in part:

Bob Justman and I both think we should look for an opportunity to bring Grace Lee Whitney back as "Yeoman Rand" in some upcoming episode.
(The memo is in the Cushman book, but I can confirm its existence).

Also in the dread Cushman book, the author quotes a Whitney interview with the official Star Trek Fan Club from 1986:

Gene Roddenberry had told me that he let Rand go against his will. He did not want to let Rand go. He wanted to keep the [romantic] conflict [between Kirk and Rand] going."
It's useful to keep in mind, however, the source of this interview (the Official Fan Club) and the date (ten years before Whitney made her 1966 assault public in her memoir).
There were many factors. Many of Rand's appearances were minor and hardly justified a higher wage than the day players I suppose. The Enemy within is one of the character's best appearances (although the meatiest is Charlie X and my favourite is the Man Trap). It would have been nice to see her return twice per season in a couple of meatier guest appearances though.
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