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Re: The Big Bang Theory

Nobody commenting on the monumental shift in this episode?

Kudos to the writers for advancing the characters, especially Sheldon. Never in a million years would i have expected this kiss and especially the surprise and apparent joy/desire he experienced when he kissed Amy as a man would kiss his girlfriend.

Him getting a girlfriend was a big step but this is an even bigger one and i'm curious to see if they will pick it up in a timely manner and not wait another season for the follow up.

Raj getting a number from hot vet was also very cute and overdue. Well, he's not the manliest of men but he's still a very good guy who got into his own way more times than needed so it was nice for him to get lucky without even trying (which is often why he fails with the ladies). I also hope this gets explored as it's time to let this "I'm unlovable and no woman wants me" shtick they have going for him as it starts to get old (if creep Howard managed to get a hot wife so can Raj).
Luckily they got rid of his speech problem in last seasons finale as that was also a very long running joke that wasn't as funny anymore.

Overall big movement on the remaining romantically challenged characters which was due. Let's hope they continue with it.
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