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Re: List of the best ST: TNG episodes

I only agree with about half of that list. Everyone has their favorites. That said, I recently wanted to put together a list of roughly the 20 best episodes of the series, and dug up an old thread here where everyone gave their personal top 20. I did a tally of which episodes got the most mentions and mostly based my list on that, with a little tweaking for my personal opinion. In chronological order, the top 21 or 22 (depending on whether you count AGT as one or two episodes, as it originally aired as one):

1) The Measure of a Man (2x09)
2) Q Who (2x16)
3) The Defector (3x10)
4) Yesterday's Enterprise (3x15)
5) Sins of the Father (3x17)
6) Sarek (3x23)
7) The Best of Both Worlds (3x26)
8) The Best of Both Worlds: Part II (4x01)
9) Family (4x02)
10) The Wounded (4x12)
11) The Drumhead (4x21)
12) Darmok (5x02)
13) Cause and Effect (5x18)
14) The Inner Light (5x25)
15) Chain of Command, Part 1 (6x10)
16) Chain of Command, Part II (6x11)
17) Tapestry (6x15)
18) Parallels (7x11)
19) The Pegasus (7x12)
20) Lower Decks (7x15)
21) All Good Things... (7x25/26)

Honorable mention: If you want to see how the Worf arc that starts in "Sins of the Father" plays out, add these episodes:

Reunion (4x07)
Redemption I (4x26)
Redemption II (5x01)
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