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Re: The X Factor canceled by FOX

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
Cosmos is going to be on Sunday nights in the USA, starting in March, when The X Factor USA would have been on next fall on Wednesday and Thursday.
Hey, I said that I hope it takes over the time slot, not that it would or will do so.

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post
54 is a senior citizen? I turned 55 last month! Also that was on the UK version, not the US one,which is the one that was canceled. Though I think the focus these shows have on the bad performers ridiculous and a waste of time.
Well, close enough-hell, I feel like a senior citizen, and I'm in my mid-40's.

And the reason I placed it is to show how crappy it is, and how it fosters these kind of incidents. That's why I'm glad it's being canceled even though the incident never happened here.
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