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Re: The X Factor canceled by FOX

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Any way you slice it, this stupid exploitative crap show's off of the air; it's on my personal shit list for the Ceri Rees incident, in which a senior citizen was made to look like a fool while auditioning:

From the moment Ceri Rees stepped out onto The X Factor stage she was no more than cannon fodder.

Lost, confused and beguiled into believing she was a woman of rare vocal talent, the 54-year-old can have had no idea that she was about to be held up as an object of public ridicule.

The result? For seven excruciating minutes on Sunday night — a sixth of the programme’s entire running time — Mrs Rees was humiliated in front of 11 million viewers.

The fact that her disastrous appearance was saved for the climax of the show — conventionally the slot occupied by an episode’s stand-out performance — said it all: as far as X Factor top brass were concerned, this was TV gold.
How they must be regretting that decision now. Far from being a success for the show’s reputation, Mrs Rees’s appearance has prompted widespread revulsion at how a vulnerable and misguided soul like her could have been so cruelly exploited.

Yesterday, as a devastated Mrs Rees left her one-bedroom council flat in Bridgend and went into hiding, a distinctly unedifying story began to emerge.

For this is the fourth time she has appeared on screen in auditions for X Factor, having been rejected by judges in 2005, 2006 and 2008. (Not that her obvious inability to sing prevented her painful performances from being broadcast on each occasion.)

On Sunday night’s show, she had a gleaming set of dentures and a glossy new hairstyle, but there was no disguising her frailty — exacerbated by the loss of her husband, Clive, to a sudden brain hemorrhage four years ago.

Worse still, a close friend said far from reapplying for X Factor, Mrs Rees was ‘hounded’ by producers urging her to return to the show.
The Humiliation of Ceri Rees By The Cowardly And Exploitative X-Factor TV Show

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Cosmos can't come soon enough; I hope that it takes over the time slot of this shitty show.
54 is a senior citizen? I turned 55 last month! Also that was on the UK version, not the US one,which is the one that was canceled. Though I think the focus these shows have on the bad performers ridiculous and a waste of time.
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