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I know we've had threads like this before. Here I'm trying to list the Novel 'Verse's established Federation members - meaning peoples with Council membership, so disregarding any number of colonies.
  • Aaamazzara: Bee people; no-one’s touched them yet, for some reason. Membership: at least the 2270s.
  • Alonis: Telekinetic aquatic people. Membership: 2336.
  • Alpha Centauri Concordium (Alpha Centauri III, IV and VII): Founder.
  • Alpha Proxima II: Colony that managed to get Council representation. Membership: at least the 2260s.
  • Andorian Empire (Andoria, Alrond, Cimera III, Syrinx III, Threllvia IV, Weytahn): Blue-skinned people with antennae. Founder. Left for a bit (2382-85); came back.
  • Andros III: Hair-dying cyclopean people. Membership: unknown.
  • Antares VIII: Its native name is very long and complicated. Membership: unknown.
  • Antede III: Fish people. Membership: 2360s
  • Antos IV: The Federation forgot that it had shapeshifters (though Vornholt uses them a lot). Membership unknown.
  • Arbazan: Prudes. Membership unknown.
  • Plutocracy of Ardana: Now somewhat less blatantly oppressive! Membership: at least 2260s, likely far earlier; left for a bit, eventually came back.
  • Argelius: Chilled-out pacifist people. Membership: 2250s.
  • Arken: Former Andorian subject world; stoic, bald, pointy-eared people. Membership: at least 2270s. Courted as early as 2162.
  • Asarion: Gender-shifting refugee settlers. Membership: 24th Century.
  • Atrea IV: People with silly ears. Membership: 24th Century.
  • Aurelia: Bird people. Membership: apparently at least 2260s.
  • Axanar: Reptile methane-breathers. Membership: sometime in the early 23rd Century.
  • Third Republic of Bajor (Bajor, Andros, Dreon VIII, Free Haven, Golana, Prophet’s Landing, Valo): We all know who these people are. Membership: 2376.
  • Benzar: Meticulous amphibian people. Membership: 2360s.
  • Beta Antares (Antaran homeworld?): Ships get built here. Membership: prior to 2311.
  • Betazed (Betazed, Darona): Mind-reading people. Membership: Somewhere around the 2290s.
  • Bilana III: Grey-skinned bumpy-faced people. Membership unknown.
  • Bolarus (Bolarus IX, Myrmidon): Blue, bald people. Membership: First courting membership in the 2260s, joined sometime in the 2270s-80s.
  • Bre’el IV: Overly stiff and formal people. Membership unknown.
  • Bynaus: Small pink computer people. Membership: 24th Century.
  • Cairn: Telepaths that speak in images. Membership: 2370.
  • Cait (Cait, Kirisha IV): Cat people. Membership: at least the 2250s, though they apparently leave and come back on a whim (presumably people call up the Caitian Councillor and ask him/her “will you be attending today, or have you left again? You’ve left? Okay, see you the session after next”).
  • Candelar IV: Backwater charity case from Deny Thy Father. Membership: 2350s.
  • Carnegie: Membership: 24th Century.
  • Cestus III: Another sneaky power-grabbing colony getting uppity on us. Membership: Unknown, but after 2260s.
  • People’s Republic of Coridan (Coridan Prime, others). Membership: 2267.
  • Cygnet (Cygnet XII, Cygnet IV, Cygnet VIII joint authority with Earth): Stereotypically girlish people. Membership: At least the 2260s.
  • Damiano: Three-sexed horned people. Membership: Protracted admissions process, 2340s-2371.
  • Dedderei: Zebra people. Membership: at least 2330s.
  • Delb II: Boring bumpy forehead people. Membership unknown.
  • Delta Sigma IV: Drugged up planet of Bader and Dorset. Membership: late 24th Century.
  • Deltan Union (Dhei, Brannik IV): Sexually mature people. Membership: at least the 2250s.
  • Deneva (Denevan Diaspora, Ingraham B): Majority human colony, promotion to Council unknown.
  • Denobula (Denobula, Teerza Prime, Fellebia, Matalas): Optimistic ridgey people. Membership: at least the 2250s. Courted as early as 2162.
  • Draylax: The Romulans well and truly trashed it; presumably it rebuilt. Membership: unknown.
  • United Earth (Earth, Luna, plus many, many colonies; really, an awful lot): Spawnworld of the Human Horde. Founder.
  • Efros: People with drooping facial hair. Membership: at least 2280s.
  • Elas and Troyius (two members or one?) Membership: late 23rd Century.
  • Evora: Mini mushroom/frog people. Membership as Protectorate: 2375.
  • Gallima: People with transparent skulls. Membership: unknown (contacted as early as the 2250s)
  • Gemworld: Crystal planet with six races living on it. Membership: 24th Century.
  • Gnala: Grumpy lizard people. Membership: at least 2330s.
  • Grazer: Grazing people who graze. Membership: late 23rd Century.
  • Hekaras II: They imposed a speed limit on us. Membership: unknown.
  • Hermat Directorate (Hermat, Amphibalus III): Hermaphrodites. Membership: unknown.
  • Huan: Emotional purple people. Membership: 2294.
  • Icor IX: More purple people. Membership: at least 2260s.
  • Inferna Prime: Dark-skinned, orange-eyed people. Membership: unknown.
  • Iotia: Chicago gangsters. Membership: unknown.
  • Ithen: Little bronze people in fezzes. Membership: at least the 2260s.
  • Izar: Uppity colony. Membership: at least the 2240s.
  • Janus VI: Pizza people. Membership: 2260s.
  • Kashet: Dinosaur people. Membership: at least the 2280s.
  • Kazar: Dr. Doolittle gorilla people. Membership: at least the 2270s.
  • Kerovi: Orange people. (Membership prior to 2378)
  • Koa: Spider people. Membership: 2380.
  • Ktar: Inconsistent people. Membership: 24th Century.
  • Lendrin: Race where females and young bond really, really closely. Membership: 2371-2377.
  • Lorillia: People who breathe different atmospheres as children (somehow). Membership: unknown.
  • Makus III: Brown people with floppy ears, I think? Membership: at least the 2260s.
  • Confederated Martian Colonies (Mars): Independent Human colony. Membership: 2162.
  • Meldrar I: Apparently non-humanoid people. Membership: prior to 2360s.
  • Napea: Swollen-headed empathic people. Membership: 24th Century.
  • Nasat: Cowardly pillbug people. Membership: unknown.
  • Ochat: Membership: at least the 2340s.
  • Ona (AKA Ontail): Octopus-sloth people. Membership: 2375.
  • Oriki: Meerkat people. Membership: 2340s or 50s.
  • Pacifica: Aquatic people. Membership: late 23rd Century.
  • Pahkwa: Dinosaur people. Membership: 2360.
  • Pandril: Big blue bulky people. Membership: at least the 2330s.
  • Peliar Zel: Yellow be-hatted people. Membership: at least the 2340s.
  • Pentam V. Membership: 23rd Century.
  • Pythagos Clans: Inhabitants unknown. Membership: at least 2336.
  • Ramatis III: Ruled by a deaf royal family. Membership: Unknown, but colonies in the system as early as 2260s.
  • Regulus (Regulus II, III, V, moons of Regulus VI): Mixed-race colonies. Membership: unknown.
  • Rhaandarel: Long-lived rule-abiding people. Membership: unknown, likely late 23rd Century.
  • United Rigel Colonies (Rigel II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII): Tattooed yellow people, Vulcanoid people, turtle people, others. Membership: 2163, I think.
  • Risan Hedony: Erotic holiday people. Membership: late 22nd Century.
  • Sauria: Goggle-eyed lizard people. Membership: at least the 2250s.
  • Scoridia: Membership: at least 2260s.
  • Selelvia: Elves. Membership revoked in 2376.
  • Selene: People who are hard to conveniently summarise. Membership: late 24th Century.
  • Sulamid: Tentacled things. Membership: unknown.
  • Tandar (Tandar Prime, Pyrellia, Kemsar): Humanoids with a lot of interest in time travel. Membership: early 24th Century.
  • United Planets of Tellar (Tellar Prime, Brantik, Hakon, Maeglin): Blustering pig people. Founder.
  • Tessen III: Unknown inhabitants. Membership: unknown.
  • Threllvia: Unknown inhabitants. Membership: at least 2336.
  • Tiburon: Flap-eared people. Membership: at least the 2260s.
  • Triex: Three-legged pink people. Membership: unknown.
  • Trill (Trillius Prime, Sappora VIII, Shal Tul). Membership: unknown (likely early 23rd Century)
  • Tyrellia: No atmosphere, which doesn’t bother them, apparently. Membership: unknown.
  • Valzhan: Amber noseless people. Membership: I forget; consult the SCE story Where Time Stands Still.
  • Vestios (Vestios Prime, Vestios II): Membership: 2310.
  • Vobilin: Red, tusked people. Membership: early on.
  • Vulcan Confederacy of Surak (Vulcan, T’Khut, Cor Caroli IX, Sigma Draconis V, Vulcanis Lunar Colony, Trilan, Paan Mokar, Nisus). Pointy-eared logic people. Founder.
  • Xindi Diaspora (New Xindus, Azati Prime, etc.): Membership: at least the 2350s.
  • Zakdorn (Zakdorn, Qualor II) Fussy, beaurocratic people. Membership: unknown.
  • Zalda (Zalda, Ricktor Prime): Brutally truthful people. Membership: Originally said to be 2280, later retconned to circa 2330s-40s. Maybe Piniero meant to say “half century” when she said “century”?
  • Zanri: Inhabitants unknown. Membership: at least 2377.
  • Zaranai: (AKA Zaran II): Fluorine-breathers (only not really). Membership: at least 2280s.
That brings us to 105 or 106 (out of around 155 places to fill). Plus, the many other established or implied colony worlds may in some cases have Council membership, since Deneva, Izar and Cestus (even Alpha Proxima II) made it to the Council.

Suggested candidates: Aldebaran III, Archer, Berengaria, Tau Ceti, Terra Nova, Vega, Sirius IX

Additional possible members include: Algol, Antica, Arcadia, Aulac, Betelgeusian Argosies, Binderia, Casperia Prime, Centrelis, Choblav, Cyrel, Deneb Kaitos, Guidon Pontificate, Halii, Kandilkar, Kreetassa, Magna Roma, Matern, Mestiko, Selay, S’ti’ach’aas, Syr, Terrelia, Tesnia, Thelusia, Tygar, Tyrus, Zarin

So much for alphabetical order. Here are some more:

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