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Re: Destination Romulus: Travel Time?

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In addition, we would need to know what is the maximum distance for "real-time communication". We've seen in TOS that there are times that the Enterprise needs to be close enough to establish real-time comm vs sending a message that they have to wait for a reply. (Example, in "Charlie X" the Antares was "barely in range" to communicate with the Enterprise when it was destroyed.)
I think the one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet is the power of the onboard subspace radio emitters. "Barely in range" could refer to a power problem of the Antares to generate a subspace signal strong enough to reach Enterprise in real time.
Sure we've seen power, distance, subspace conditions affect subspace communications and the local environment affect warp speed.

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For the TOS Enterprise, 100 parsecs could be traveled in a third of a day.
I won't dispute that, but that subspace communication occurred without any visible or audible delay. In contrast it took the subspace signal approx. 2 hours / 120 minutes / 7,200 seconds just to be received at the nearest command base (i.e. not Starfleet HQ).

Assuming (because of "The Alternative Factor") that it takes a subspace message 1 second to cross 326 light years, the distance between the Enterprise and the nearest command base would have been 2,347,200 light years in "Balance of Terror".
However, that's ignoring power, subspace conditions, warp speed conditions and we don't really know the distance either in making that kind of calculation. At best we can guess that in BOT with it's particular conditions that non-real-time communications with Command Base could be at least 160 LY away or at least outside of the sector map.

~700,000c (Fast warp conditions ala "That Which Survives")
divided by ( 365 days * 24 hours ) = ~80 LY / Hr * 2 Hours
= ~160 LY for 2 hours.

In "The Alternative Factor", again we don't know how far away was real-time comms or the space conditions so it could be anywhere from a few LY to hundreds of LY.

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It's pretty likely that "The Enterprise Incident" takes place in an area of space much further away than in "Balance of Terror" and "The Deadly Years".
I start believing these conjectural subspace relays are inevitable to rationalize these delays in communication.
In thinking of subspace relays I'd just factor it among subspace conditions. For all we know, all Starfleet ships are also subspace relays and in "The Alternative Factor" there was a string of ships between Kirk's position and Starfleet that was the "real-time network" while in "Balance of Terror" there were no ships in the sector for the Enterprise to have a real-time relay session to use and thus comms traveled at normal subspace speeds.
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