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STAR TREK ONLINE based fan film [post-TNG era stuff]

This is a shot in the dark but:

Apart from the STAR TREK: THE QUASI MACHIMINA ans STAR TREK: THE MACHIMINA SERIES, is there any more material out there based on the world of STO? No doubt people doubt it's 'canon, but it is long running with tonnes of 'episodes'

Yes we have Hidden Frontier, Renegades coming up and of course Phoenix set 42 years after Nemesis, but it's perhaps 'The Next next Generation' of Star Trek. Has anyone converted the episodes into videos without hours of gameplay [Let's Play]? I have Googled cosplay based on the game and there's quite a few out there.

i'm not a gamer but the world intrigues me as it's so well built up with loads of references to continuity, and there are now gust stars from several Trek shows.
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