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Re: Episode of the Week : The Enemy Within

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It is very sinister Grace was sexually assaulted by a studio exec around the same time and was then fired a few weeks later

It's well-understood now that the "executive" was the Great Bird, and by bringing it up publicly but never naming him, the victim cast a cloud of suspicion that hung in the air for years over a number of innocent men.
Not saying you're wrong, but how is this now "well understand?" What's the source for this assertion?
I haven't read anything which suggests it is "well understood" that Roddenberry was the assailant. I tend to believe that he was, based on a number of details in Whitney's memoir, but she (deliberately) doesn't name the man. That leaves a lot of doubt.

Unfortunately, this is yet another issue about the original series being muddied by Marc Cushman's work, since These Are The Voyages says that Whitney was assaulted by a "studio executive." Actually, Whitney simply refers to the man as "the executive" (Studio executive? Network executive? Executive producer?).
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