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I think the Ennis Max run was mid '00's then we go into....
Matt Fractions Punisher War Journal with ties into Civil War(Punisher-Cap homage story) it then ends in the 20's I think.
The Frankncastle material starts at issue 11 of the Remender run. The Remender run started during Dark Reign and the first 1/2 dozen covers all were homage issues to prior famous Punisher covers. Osborn orders Dakken to kill Castle and this sequence of events leads to Morbius rebuilding a mortally wounded Castle into Franken-Castle. The title then has a name change to Franken-Castle while keeping the numbering, so #17 is the first of the retitled book. This is also where it's sales took a huge drop. I think Punisher fandom would've stayed with the book had the Franken-Castle story just been 6 issues. Remender has said that while writing that arc he decided he had more ideas while Frank was in this form. Franken-Castle ended at #21.

It's some zany stuff, it's out there but I'm also a fan of the Marvel Monsters who would appear so I enjoyed it knowing that at some point, somehow, someway Castle would be normalized(as much as you can normalize Frank Castle).

The Greg Rucka run began next.
Guggenhiem two part mini, then Thunderbolts at the same time
The Edmondson run just started this week.
Thanks for the info. I think I'll just stick to the Rucka run for starters at least.
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