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DS9 Caption Context 87: Station of Looooooove

I spoke with Ln X, who had been doing the DS9 contests, and asked if the DS9 captions were suspended. He said he had lost interest and said I could 'take over'. This isn't a coup -- if someone else wants to do it they're welcome to join in -- but I like DS9 too much to let its forum go captionless!

So, some winners!

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

BASHIR: Worf,we're chaperones at a high school prom. You don't have the authority to kill a kid for spiking the punch!
bbjeg wrote: View Post

Odo: I excrete myself into this cup and then drink it.
Garak: I'm going to find another seat.
Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post

Weyoun: Gentlemen, gentlemen! Let's not be hasty! I'm sure Jake had no idea he insulted you just now.
Jake: You mean when I said "Your heads resemble diseased concrete"?
Ancient Mariner wrote: View Post

Seven hours, thirty-two minutes and seventeen seconds: The precise moment when Sisko realized how foolish he was to volunteer as a referee the in the Inter-Quandrant Staring Contest Finals.

Ln X wrote: View Post

Sisko: No Dax, I don't need another one of you humorous anecdotes right now!
And funniest-of --

Triskelion wrote: View Post

Weyoun: Jake, remember what Han Solo told C3PO when he was beating a Wookie at 3D chess?
Jake: Mesa getten berry, berry scared?
Weyoun: You are dead to me.

A week from Valentine's Day, this contest's theme is obvious: l'amor, but featuring some overlooked pairings..

I'll let it run up to two weeks so everybody has a chance to join in the fun.
DS9 CapCon #118: Houston, We've Had a Problem Here
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