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The Doctor's Teeth & Eye's in The Darkling

Last night, I was watching the Season 3 episode The Darkling. When I was watching the episode I kept thinking that I liked the Doctor's performance as the alter-ego Doctor, except for the fact that it looked like he was purposefully jutting his lower jaw out during each alter-ego scene. It was like he had an underbite or something and it annoyed me because I didn't understand why Picardo thought it made the alter-ego Doctor look scarier.

After the episode, I went on Memory Alpha's page on the Darkling episode and read the following:
Robert Picardo used contact lenses and prosthetic teeth for the evil version of The Doctor. "There were very subtle changes in my appearance, subtle make-up changes," he observed. "I wore some interesting contact lenses that were my idea, to reduce the size of my cornea so that my eyes appear just slightly beadier. And I also wore a dental appliance on my lower teeth that I had not worn since The Howling. I save all of my prosthetics in a drawer, so I pulled out the teeth and wore them to give me a more Neanderthal, animalistic appearance."... Picardo also remarked, "I've saved my Eddie Quist teeth for I don't know, 12 or 14 years. It's nice to take them out of the drawer."
Did anyone ever know this? I didn't even notice that he wore contact lenses!

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