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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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With regards to North Star, at least Reed remembered those Phase Pistols have a stun setting and shot the hostage.
Another good episode, albeit a fairly cliched western, I enjoyed it. I like the MACO's sniper (ish) rifle. The female MACO takes out more baddies then everyone else combined I think. In fact I think the first person Malcolm shot was T'Pol. And Archer beats the villain in a scuffle with only one good arm. I like how Archer frequently gets into fist fights, just like Kirk in TOS. I also half expected him to tell the humans that they might be better off here in the long run with the Xindi bent on destroying Earth and all. Some people mentioned him getting involved when he wouldn't in other circumstances, but the fact that these were humans sort of made the difference to him and to me. All in all I thought it was a good stand-alone episode.
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