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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

I do find it quite hypocritical of Archer at the end. He and Phlox are quite happy to preserve the last remaining sample of a dangerous and highly infectious mutagenic virus so that the species it represents wont be entirely wiped form existence but previously were quite happy to allow a living species that had asked for their help to die out because it was ‘what nature intended’.
I agree, I hated the end for the same reason. I enjoyed Linda Park in this episode though with her alien movements and body language. I actually wondered if it was a different actress.

I was extremely annoyed at Archer being duped so easily (again...) and giving her free reign of the ship, as well as how seemingly easily the Xindi rescue her. Apparently MACO's aren't special forces quality. Even discounting their firearms not being effective, they could have used stun grenades more effectively. Overall I didn't care for this episode much either, especially with it following Extinction which I wasn't pleased with.

At first I didn't think I would like it with its opening, but it ended up being my one of my favorites. When it skipped to the future and we realize T'Pol goes through this every morning for YEARS, I thought it was a great blend of Vulcan patience and human compassion. Then I questioned whether it was all for guilt or if she cared, but Blalock's performance was outstanding, in my opinion, because she subtly conveyed how deeply she really did care, despite what she tells the doctor later in the episode. And it was obvious there would be a reset-button at the end, but what it turned out to be surprised me. And although it didn't further the story at all, it did show the consequences of failure in their mission. And I thought the scene with T'Pol flying the docked ship into the other was friggen awesome.

Watching Twilight made me want to join the forum and start talking about the show with others.
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