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Re: TOS Ships?


Space vessels shown in TOS (original)

U.S.S. Enterprise
I.S.S. Enterprise (Mirror Mirror)
U.S.S. Constellation
U.S.S. Defiant
U.S.S. Lexington
U.S.S. Excalibur
U.S.S. Potemkin
U.S.S. Hood
U.S.S. Exeter

S.S. Botany Bay
Klingon "flatiron" ship ("Friday's Child)
Klingon battlecruisers
Romulan ships of Klingon design
Romulan ships (bird of prey)
Fesarius & Fesarius scout ship
Mudd's ship
Orion Ship
Eymorg Ion Ship ("Spock's Brain")
Tholian ships
Planet Killer (probably not a "ship" per se)
Lazarus's time-ship
Yonada, the Fabrini asteroid
Woden robot cargo ship (same model as Botany Bay)
Space Stations
Starbase 6 space station (same as K-7)

Ships mentioned as being nearby but not seen:
Bele's ship
Astral Queen ("The Conscience of the King")
Denevan one-man vessel
Cyrano Jones' scout ship

Ships not seen until Remastered versions:
S.S. Antares ("Charlie-X")
Medusan Vessel ("Is There in Truth No Beauty")
Gorn ship ("Arena")
Thasian ("Charlie-X")

Ships & Space Stations shown but redesigned for Remastered
Woden robot cargo ship (modification of Antares CG model)
Mudd's ship
Orion Ship
Eymorg Ion Ship ("Spock's Brain")
Tholian ships
Starbase 6 ("The Ultimate Computer")

I do not include Bluejay 7 since it's an aircraft and not a spaceship.
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