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Re: 24 returns as limited series

I am insanely up for this, 24 has the advantage that, whilst it had its poor patches, generally the quality was pretty high throughout the run so it doesn't feel as much of a tired format that doesn't need to come back as it really should after 8 seasons. Plus, Jack Bauer Vs. Exploding London just screams awesome. Indeed, the only thing that would have made it better if it had been Jack riding a dinosaur rather than Optimus Prime doing it.

if this limited series revival works, I wonder what other old shows might be a good fit for the same format? I certainly think it'd be a better way to bring back (and finish) The X-Files than another film would be. Mind, that's a show where everyone except the die hard fans (like, erm, me) was sick of it by the end so it might not be so eagerly received.
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