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Re: Season 6 Birthright

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The biggest question about this eps: Why was it a two-parter?

Michael Piller suggested to break the story into two parts, believing that there was too much story to tell in one episode. He commented, "Because this was season six, the season of taking risks, of not being afraid of doing things Star Trek hadn't done before, I said 'Why not do another two-parter? Why wait until the end of the season or wait for a Spock? If a story justifies being bigger than an hour, let's do it.' I had been very happy with the results of "Chain of Command" and I said to Rick we should do it and he said fine. I also felt, much mistakenly as it turned out to be, that we would be able to save money if we expanded it into two hours by using the sets twice."

The second biggest question about this eps: Why was it a DS9 crossover?
Using a great new set and location never before used on TNG that doesn't hurt the budget, adds a bit of connective tissue to the universe and allows for a guest actor already part of the franchise is really a second biggest question?
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