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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

North star

I get the feeling this was an excuse to do a wild west setting though it does make a good call back to TOS where they were always finding worlds based on a specific era of human history like mobsters or cowboys. Trip and TíPols adventures with horses is fun to watch.

The backstory behind the colony was that dependable old clichť of Ďhumans were kidnapped by aliens to use as slaves but they managed to rebel and take chargeí. Its interesting that the aliens werenít killed off completely or enslaved in turn after the rebellion. How they are treated by the humans as less intelligent/valuable than the dirt on the bottom of a shoe is horrible but at least they donít get kept in cages and poked with sticks when their not being worked to death. At least I assume that one who works at the bar gets something for his work. We donít see any other aliens working anywhere so I assume its employment and not just a case of grabbing any alien who happens to walk by and making them help out.

Its also interesting that initially there was a good reason for those laws denying the aliens education and stuff since they had been guilty of abducting and enslaving the humans. But over time they became unjust and a means to oppress a race of people because of crimes that were committed by their ancestors long before they were born.

I was expecting the dilemma to be solved by Hoshi contacting the home world so that the aliens could get taken home but the actual ending with the humans learning to live together in harmony and equality was more satisfying. Also Reed looked like he was really enjoying himself and that scene where he responds to TíPol being held hostage by shooting her was grea.

Overall three and half stars.


I realise the whole humans canít survive having that much brain tissue removed was partly so as to prevent the whole clone thing being used again in a similar situation. But I strongly feel that they could have had Sim live out his natural life cycle and just die of old age and everyone agrees after ward not to ever do that again because of the pain everyone would feel at losing him. After all they became so attached to him in only a short amount of time.

Also I think the ending to this would have been more satisfying if the operation was performed perfectly then Trip wakes up and meets this other version of himself who then ages to be an older version and then either dies of old age or sacrifices himself when the ship gets in danger.

One part I donít buy and didnít like was Archer basically ordering Sim to go through with the surgery. I think there should have been more of a dilemma on Archers hands after all he helped raise Sim. It should have been Sims choice without any pressure.

Four stars. Alas poor Sim we hardly knew yea

Carpenter street

This was weird. That human guy was really creepy. I find it funny how he thought Archer and TíPol were cops. Them arriving back a mere moment after they left was kinda predictable. Not really got that much to say about the episode sorry.

Three stars. Maybe.

Chosen realm

Okay religious terrorists take over enterprise when their charismatic but crazy leader comes up with a plan to bring peace to their home world by blowing up loads of their own people. I sense there was meant to be some parallel here to how things are in the middle east.

I find it quite a good idea that some races would see the spheres as a divine artefact and build a religion around it. I also really liked those two followers who were a couple and how they were portrayed as still being devout followers of their faith just doubtful of the methods and choices of their leader. I think thatís itís a good portrayal of how decent people can be manipulated by someone they place their trust in into following a bad path. Also their desire for an abortion isnít portrayed as a black or white moral issue but a very grey and personal decision.

Four stars overall.
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