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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

The Shipment

I kinda guessed early on that the sloth factory workers wouldnít know what purpose their kemocite was being used for. I do like that the enterprise crew is getting to see that not all Xindi are involved or even aware of the plot against earth. They are individuals and capable of making their own moral choices when given the chance.

There were a couple moments that had me nervous. When Archer presents the sloth guy with the charred piece of the Xindo probe and he dismisses it as a wrecked piece of metal. I thought it might go the direction of him dismissing Archer as some irrational madman for his lack of concrete evidence or be unwilling to listen. I was relieved when he humoured Archer enough to perform tests that proved Archers story.

I was also nervous when Degra told him about the dangerous new species. The look on his face made it clear he was doubting Archer and questioning his own choices. I am glad he kept quiet and that they got to speak again so that Archer could reassure him though I expect the fact this 'dangerous new species' didnít harm him or try to kill him and were quite willing to listen to him and place their trust in him to work together probably played into that.

Four stars


I have seen bits of this before mainly the ending. I didnít understand what was happening but now it makes so much more sense. I love TíPols hairstyle in this and Dr Phlox looks good with longer hair as well.

Starting the episode with earths destruction is meant as a shocker but doesnt really work for me since i know that earth is perfectly fine and dandy in later Trek series. The fact that Archer is confined to his quarters and TíPol is in charge is another more effective clue that something is very wrong with this scenario and there is probably time travel or some such involved. I like the structure of the narrative jumping back and forth between past and present.

I think that when Archer first wakes and stumbles into the kitchen to find TíPol cooking breakfast is a great scene. It really gives the feeling that she is used to the routine of starting each day with an explanation over breakfast and has probably become quite good at it over the years.

Four and a half stars
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