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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

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Sorry if I am a little impatient or if I delay gratification a little less. I just watched as far as "Proving Ground" and am enjoying the series. I am deciding tonight whether to read more of "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens (1861) or to continue watching Enterprise Season 3. I could also continue reading more of "The Philosopher's Stone" by Colin Wilson (1969) which is also interesting perhaps.
I have watched up to Chosen Realm so proving Ground is next up though im not sure when i will get round to watching more as some pretty serious real life issues have happened recently.

Even if that werent the case i believe i have already mentioned previously that my viewing habits are erratic i tend to blizt through two discs worth of episodes in a coupel days then not watch anything for a month before doing another blitz. So its not really a delayed gratification thing (why does that make me think of Tom Hiddleston and the Cookie monster?)

If youve gotten ahead of me and want to talk about episodes i havent seen yet you could always start a new thread
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