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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness DVD & Blu-Ray Sales

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It should be noted that in the realm of Home Theater Media enthusiasts those things matter (as they do to me).

I can totally see people not caring about special features or things like that.

Keep in mind that sites like that and others in that particular subset don't just view the movie and the quality of the film or the transfer, they look at the whole package compared to other released titles.

There has been standards set by other companies and other releases giving the fans more bang for their buck. I've got to agree, in terms of getting getting more bang for your buck STID pales in comparison to even the first JJ film which had a ton of bonus content.

So in saying it was a terrible release, they are just saying compared to the industry standard STID Bu-Ray release was a let down. Still sold a lot of copies, still a great movie, just a let down compared to what you can get (if such things matter to you).
I understand all that, yes, and I did consider it in that context. That given, I suspect that calling it the worst (or even second-worst) Blu-Ray package of the whole year might still be just a teensy bit hyperbolic.
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