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Re: Death & the holodeck

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Soong made a sentient android with the memories of his wife.
I think it went farther than simply that. I'm not disputing your point of her being a facsimile, just that she was more than only an android with transplanted memories. It was synapse scanning. It was personality traits engendered. He created Juliana. It wasn't the real her, but she thought she was. She behaved & reacted the same way

The Enterprise computer made a facsimile of Leah Brahms that was only a potential 13% off from the real her, using nothing more than writings, log entries, symposium appearances, etc. I have to believe that Soong using actual scans of someone's synapses could get an even closer likeness, maybe less than 5% in potential behavior discrepancy. It was close enough that he, himself noticed so little difference that he stayed married to her for years afterward, & reflects on her leaving him as something the real woman would have done too
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