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Re: "The Man Trap" if you had seen it's debut in the 60's

What strikes me about "The Man Trap" is how much eating is in it. There are so many scenes where the characters are eating or talking about food, more than any other episode. I sometimes wonder if that was intentional satire in a story about the crew themselves becoming "food" for a predator.

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I'm wondering about the 'Monster of the Week' reference.

I only watched the reruns in the 70s. I had no fears about the whole series being about monsters. But that's not the first episode I saw. I have seen the term used to refer to "The Man Trap" before but wonder why people would think that.
As Greg said, the template is something like The Outer Limits, which was a smart SF anthology, but which the network demanded include a monster in every episode to entertain the kids. Monsters were also frequently featured in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Lost in Space, though not every week. The whole reason NBC scheduled "The Man Trap" as the series premiere is because it fit the monster-story template that so much SFTV had at the time, and thus conformed to their expectations.
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