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Re: Getting Worried About Titanfall 360 Version...

AlphaMan wrote: View Post
Well, that makes me feel a little better, but it does raise more questions. What's the differenc in bandwidth between the XB1 and 360?
There shouldn't be any. Both use the same networking standards, as far as I know.

How much data will be pulled from the cloud to run the AI?
No clue. Probably not too much since latency would be an issue.

What happens if I loose my connection? Does the artificial intelligence become artifically dumb?
That'd be kind of funny!

I'd feel better if I saw this game running on 360. Afterall, the 360 version is bound to be the best selling version of the game and Respawn isn't even working on it. It's odd that no one's seen it yet, IMHO.
I haven't kept up on this game. What do you mean Respawn's not working on it? They farmed it out to another studio, or what?

Anyway, they might just be keeping it under wraps so it's a big surprise when it launches. Or it's in a horrible state and not ready for prime time and they're desperately polishing what they can before they have to go gold.

Either one's a good possibility in this industry.
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