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Re: What are you reading?

Bought The Humans by Matt Haig over the weekend as I needed something light to read. Finished it last night. I was lured in by the description of it being Adamsian humour. It's about an alien who comes to Earth with the job of killing a mathematician who's solved the key to the Riemann hypothosis in order to halt human technological advancement. First quarter of the book is hilarious, with the alien oblivious to the chaos and hilarity he's causing around him as he tries to figure out human basics, such as language, body language, and that humans wear something called "clothes", and then trying to get a jump on all that by reading a copy of Cosmopolitan. The book is big on philosophy, with it being largely a look at what makes us human. And I guess that's where my I have my first problem. About halfway through, it abandons the humour and starts to philosophize a bit too much for my liking, becoming a bit too serious, especially on death. This I felt was a departure in tone from the earlier part of the book and it took me aback. I have to say though, that Matt Haig is a talented writer, with great authorial voice and the chapters flowed very nicely. Though, there were moments where the philosophy got a bit heavy and distracting and took me out of the story. In the end, I did enjoy it, but perhaps not as much as I thought I would.

Next I'm going to get back to The Terror by Dan Simmons. I had started this last summer, but wasn't really able to get into it, I guess because the mood wasn't quite right. I've already started re-reading it, and I'm finding it easier to get into, and much more immersive due to the cold weather.
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