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Re: "The Man Trap" if you had seen it's debut in the 60's

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To add a bit of historical context, however, nobody back in 1966 worried about shows being too "Monster of the Week." That wasn't even a term back them. Nobody expected ongoing story arcs or character development on network shows, let alone sci-fi adventure shows. Heck, "The Outer Limits" was literally a Monster-of-the-Week show and "The Twilight Zone" was an anthology series.

You can't really apply 2014 expectations and standards to a 1960s TV show. It's like wondering why a black-and-white Fred Astaire musical doesn't have more rap music.
This. Exactly this.

I was born during the show's first run and didn't see it until syndication. But it's obvious that a first-run audience wouldn't have judged it by today's standards.

Although Fred really dropped the ball by not upping the funk factor. And he should have sported more bling.
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