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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

Ah.. the age old war of PC vs. console gaming.

I do both depending on the game. I love strategy games and apart from some exceptions (the new UFO games) strategy games still work better on PCs.

For action games i prefer consoles because i can sink back into my comfortable couch and go nuts.

As there are fewer and fewer good strategy games (and my laptop is getting weaker by the months to play current titles in a decent quality) it's mainly consoles for me.

Control schemes tend to be well designed for consoles so i even play RPGs like Mass Effect on consoles, it works well enough and given the new generation of consoles the graphics are once again on the upper end (still can't beat a top of the line PC but then you'd need to invest 5-10x as much money).

So in the long run it'll be the PS4 for and hopefully 2014 will see a good wave of releases, the current state of available games is rather pitiful and uninteresting.
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