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Re: Episode of the Week: 4x06 "Legacy"

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I don't think it means she had literally to escape the rape gangs since she was five. At fifteen, yes, but not at five. The rape gangs was one of the dangers she had to deal with it, not the only one.
I don't think any episode has given us any reason to believe these rape gangs have any kind of standards, especially if 15 years old is still applicable.
I imagine a vast majority of them wait until puberty. Not for moral reasons, of course, just because it would be the vast majority of rapists' preference. That doesn't make it a whole lot less horrible.

My idea of the perfection of humanity in the Star Trek universe has to do with the elimination of scarcity and the ubiquity of comfort. You make resources scarce and make people fear for their lives they stop being perfect.

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