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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Indeed. Don't get me started on microtransactions in full-price, 60 dollar games and the free-to-play garbage on tablets and mobile devices a whole generation of kids is growing up on right now.

These poor, poor things with their uneducated parents
SPCTRE, the consistency of your arguments in this thread isn't exactly stellar.

First you claim that anybody who's limiting themselves to just one platform (like the PC) is "FUCKING STUPID".

And then next thing you write is that obviously shitty "garbage games for mobile devices" aren't real gaming and are driven by kids and their "uneducated parents".

So what is it? You really don't have any leg to stand on in this discussion anymore because you're showing a rather entertaining double standard and you're obviously not even aware of it.

People who actually do enjoy mobile games will claim that it's "FUCKING STUPID" to limit yourself to only pc and console gaming.
See the issue with your statement?

The bottom line is: Play whatever you like and if that means excluding one platform then that's not "FUCKING STUPID" but just a personal choice based on what games you like. I personally don't enjoy mobile games but that doesn't mean that they suck per se. It means that I don't like them.
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