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Re: TOS sets project

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Yes, it is DONE!

Wouldn't want anyone calling me a thief or a liar!

Greg Stone
Actually, all you did was credit some generic "CGI Artists" whose work you used. In this very thread it was made plain that some (if not all) of the CGI images you have used were created by Donny in the Fan Art forum.

Here's what you posted there.

Many thanks to many great CGI artists who created these wonderful images. I take no credit for their work, I just not that talented! I just animated the still pictures, added sound effects and music.
Enjoy, Greg Stone
More importantly, your "credit" to these "CGI Artists" appears only on one of the four videos. You'd probably avoid a lot of criticism from people if you applied a specific credit, along the lines of "CGI images created by user Donny at TrekBBS" or something like that, and posted it with each of the videos.

It'd probably even be better if you could mention that you are doing this with his permission to use the images he created. Not that he "owns" the images from Star Trek, just that it's common artistic courtesy. Given that you clearly are not trying to take credit for yourself for their work, and given that the information has been provided to you to credit the artists properly, one would hope you would do so.
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