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Re: "The Man Trap" if you had seen it's debut in the 60's

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And I'm sure someone here did....

I would have been very impressed by the desolate music, the easy-going repartee and how the Doctor and Kirk snap at each other. I would have been very impressed by the big 3's acting.

Less impressed about how Uhura is flirting with the XO.

I'm not sure how I would have felt about the alien. While it does look horrifying, I think I would have been worried about the show being, "Monster-of-the-Week"

Oh, and it's almost a procedure drama with its deliberateness and taking pains to show us GQ3 and GQ4 and the security guards meeting to patrol.
You can't realistically judge how you would have reacted to it because all your opinions have been formed by X-number of years of different cultural influences. If you had grown up with three channels of TV with programming histories of less than 20 years, you would compare it to other shows you had seen and that would shape your expectations. My experience of first seeing the show as a '70s rerun is much different than someone who first saw it after Star Wars and some Trek movies, and theirs is much different than someone who first sees it streaming today.
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