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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Big DIL bonus weekend starts tomorrow after your regular update time. 50% more DIL on most things, 100% bonus on mining claims.

Since the Fleet needs a big boost of DIL for the project upgrades, recommend everyone try and get some grinding time in! Voth Battlezone already pays out really well, so with a 50% bonus on top of that, that's the place to be to really clean up this weekend!
Why don't we make it a competition? Everyone try and earn as much Dil as you can this weekend. Post your current Dil amount, and when the weekend is over post a screen shot of your final Dil total.
Easy. 0 Dilithium right now.
Been siphoning the meager amounts I got from my 15 minute play every other fortnight directly toward one or teh other upgrade project anyway.
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