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Re: What are you reading?

I got a book about my hometown for Christmas, titled "when every 6th house was a pub". It's full of anecdotes and fun to read and there's even a pic of my granddad in it (Fortunately, there are none of the less flattering anecdotes about him like the one with the bicycles: Granddad and a few friends went for a booze in a pub in the middle of the forrest. Until that day we had simple wooden roadposts marking the rims of the road at 50 yard intervals, about hip-height, painted white, without reflectors. But that very afternoon they got equipped with round white reflectors. When granddad had safely returned home late at night he kept going on about the "hundreds of bicyclists! Left and right!" That one is still proverbial in my family after half a century LOL.
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