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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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So since...

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As a serious gamer myself I'm saying that only PC gaming is real gaming.
and you said...

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As a serious gamer, limiting yourself to one platform for what are basically crazy ideological reasons (I'm not talking about financial/budgetary concerns, that's completely different) is FUCKING STUPID.
... did you just call me "FUCKING STUPID"?
Thanks, Spctre! I love gaming and I just prefer gaming on a PC. So if you really want to pass judgement there and call people "FUCKING STUPID" (do you also talk in caps?) then feel free to do that.
My statement was not directed at you specifically. I was talking about limiting yourself for the wrong reasons (especially some sort of misguided "loyalty" for one hardware platform or another or otherwise ideological reasons).

Anyone who loves great video games doesn't care about what platform their on.

And again, budgetary concerns or other life factors are a totally different story obviously.
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It seems kind of strange to me that there are still PC gamers who get down on console gamers as the scourge ruining the industry. There's a much better scapegoat, social media and smartphone gamers. And it's the trends and concepts from that portion of the industry that have been polluting gaming more than anything in my opinion.
Indeed. Don't get me started on microtransactions in full-price, 60 dollar games and the free-to-play garbage on tablets and mobile devices a whole generation of kids is growing up on right now.

These poor, poor things with their uneducated parents
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