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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

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Getting back to...

EDITING: Continuity Editing


A while back I posted a message with video on the subject of Structural Editing vs. Relational Editing (link to post), but it occurs to me that I should introduce the topic of basic Continuity Editing first.

Here's a Filmmaker IQ segment which ably illustrates this: Birth of Continuity Editing.

I recommend watching this even if you're not an editor or think you're uninterested in the historical sequence of development of editorial technique. Why? Because it introduces the various kinds of cuts in the order they were born. It also illustrates what I've said before about some filmmaking "rules", i.e. that they're not arbitrary decisions but based on observing how audiences reacted to various techniques.
This is the best video... and likely one that the majority of the big name fan film editors would benefit enormously from studying.
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