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Re: Cause and Effect (??)

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We don't know enough about how the thrusters or really how anything on the ship works.
According to the ST: TNG Technical Manual, each of the Enterprise D's malnuvering thrusters generates about 510 metric tonnes of thrust.

Presumably the thrusters are powered by the same fusion reactors the impulse engines are and aren't chemical rockets.
They employ a fusion reaction and emit plasma gas. In other words they eject material to generate thrust, just like a chemical rocket.

And the facts of the entire series is that the ship can at it's best can move 2000 times the speed of light and converting matter to pure energy is done without much thought.
And by venting the main shuttle bay the Enterprise moved.

Objects in space still have mass and it still takes mass/energy to move that mass and to do it you need an equal or greater force.
Incidentally the maneuvering thrusters on the old space shuttle produced 870 pounds of thrust, that about a 1 to 260 thrust to weight/mass ratio.

And even if you don't need a 1-1 ratio I'm pretty sure a 1-750 ratio is giving them too much.
It's also likely the thrusters are also aided by any mass-reducing technomagic on the ship.
So the thrust from the depressurizing shuttle bay could have been pushing against a much lower mass ... right?

Saying "you don't need one-to-one" thrust to move something is like saying that if the ISS stops moving an astronaut can just get out and push. And not really "push" but just get out and give the ISS a single, quick, instant tap with the slightest of effort and the ISS will go flying away from him.
Let's try this, let's say that you want to push a stalled car. All by yourself. And the car weighs 4,000 pound. You're on a level road. Do you honestly think that you would have to push that car with 4,000 pounds of force in order to get it to move?


Realistically (unless you a strapping fellow) you going to be pushing with less than hundred pound of force, but you're still going to get the car moving in a short period of time.

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