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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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... did you just call me "FUCKING STUPID"?
I'm pretty sure he was talking about the console warriors and glorious PC master race types. If you have no particular interest in console gaming, fair enough, it's not your kind of thing. But there are PC gamers who don't get the differences between the two formats and act smugly superior just because they play games on PC, and they are as obnoxious and stupid as the Xbox and PS fanboys.

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Consoles are, however, the primary reason the whole "dumbing down" of video games fad even exists.
Not really. That has much more to do with the crazy production costs of modern AAA games, with publishers forcing their developers to focus on "accessibility" rather than catering to niche audiences. If these companies would just stop focusing on trying to make games look nice and instead focused more on novel gameplay, they could make more diverse games with smaller teams. The rise of indie development will hopefully bring an end to that trend.
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