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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Seems a little strange to get bent out of shape by that comment when it's a response to your insinuation that console players aren't "real" gamers.
They aren't?

The whole original point of consoles was to make video games more accessible to families--that is children and non tech-savvy adults.

While the market has grown immensely in the last 35 years, that core target audience still hasn't changed.

Consoles are, however, the primary reason the whole "dumbing down" of video games fad even exists.

I myself haven't owned a console in nearly a decade since, and it seems like, with each new generation, I want to stay farther and farther away from them. Really, just about every modern console game I've ever tried in the last couple of years has been total shit.
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