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Re: Movies that OFFEND you

If you want to see a movie about Jesus's last days that's based on the bible, don't watch Passion of the Christ, watch The Gospel Of St Matthew.

The South Park episode claimed (In their 'We're telling you something totally true now' voice) Passion was based on a Spanish play written during the Inquisition, and the Bible didn't go into such detail about the crucifixion. Don't know how credible that can be taken to be, but the film certainly fills in the informational gaps in the Bible with Mel's big ol' imagination.

The films that offend me the most are films that speak to the audience in the language of being open minded and progressive but at their heart are super-conservative. Films like Friends With Kids where characters try to have a non-traditional family and just realize they need to behave more traditionally at the end, not because they're forced to, but because human nature compels them to.

Also there's tons of cases in films where women have to prove they're not shallow by dating a man who isn't physically attractive, but nearly zero cases where men have to prove the same thing. Women in a lot of films basically exist as a reward for the most virtuous male.
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