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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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^^^The Nacelle effect, which looks like swirling plasma is in this clip (6:55 seconds in):

I see it's from "The Trek Not Taken" Blu-ray special feature. I'm mot sure but it might be one of those "get it if you buy it ay this store" features.
Thanks for posting that! I thought I might never see it again due to trouble accessing Best Buy's moronic CinemaNow service. Entering my code again, which came with Season Three, didn't bring the video back either. And even with broadband internet, I still was never able to see it in anything but 480p! Now I can watch it whenever I want, and in 1080p! Based on the burned in German subs, this must be the version that was downloadable from Paramount Germany's website when customers bought Season Four.
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