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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

So since...

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As a serious gamer myself I'm saying that only PC gaming is real gaming.
and you said...

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As a serious gamer, limiting yourself to one platform for what are basically crazy ideological reasons (I'm not talking about financial/budgetary concerns, that's completely different) is FUCKING STUPID.
... did you just call me "FUCKING STUPID"?
Thanks, Spctre! I love gaming and I just prefer gaming on a PC. So if you really want to pass judgement there and call people "FUCKING STUPID" (do you also talk in caps?) then feel free to do that.

I actually do own a PS3 but there's hardly anything I'd like to play on it. We've only had it for about a year now (my first console ever) and we use it to play PS Move when friends are over. For everything else I simple prefer the PC and mouse/keyboard input. This might be game genre related, too because most games I enjoy work better this way than with a controller. I own a gamepad for the PC, too, though.

Anyway, I'll be off now and feel "FUCKING STUPID" a little more.
And next time I play Final Fantasy 14 (on a PC) and I'm in a group with a guy who's actually trying to play an MMO on a PS3 I'll remember to not yell at the person for playing like shit because consoles just aren't made for MMOs.

ETA: I also think it sucks how console gaming has affected PC gaming. The fact that FPS gaming has gotten easier because it needs to cater towards people who use a silly controller now has been mentioned before. But it's also the fact that the evolution of game graphics has been slowed down severely by the shitty performance of consoles. Devs having to take sales for old hardware (like the PS3) into account when making their games has made sure that graphics quality hasn't progressed as much as it could have.
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